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What's an ounce of celebration worth?

The milestones of life are marked by every collector.


Weddings, graduations, births – all deserve recognition.

How about length of time someone is a collector?

That is a milestone that is little recognized.

Brian E. Fanton is one of the few I know to do something about it.

The Iowa collector and coin dealer has issued a one-ounce silver round to mark 65 years as a collector and 48 years as a dealer.

That is quite an accomplishment.

With the help of B.E.'s Numismatic Services, Fanton says he designed and copyrighted the rounds.

On one side is a bull.

It is identified. the legend reads, "Hawkeye State Bullion Co."

The reverse shows an outline map of Iowa with a star indicating where Hiawatha, Iowa, is.

At top is "One Troy Ounce."

At bottom is ".999 Fine Silver."

The date is within the boundaries of the state.

It was struck by Intaglio Mint Ltd. of Sedalis, Colo.

Fanton says Tim Grat laser cut the dies to produce the silver round.

Fanton is selling the rounds for $25 each housed in a 39-millimeter air tight holder.

He says some of the profits from sales will go to support American Numismatic Association educational programs, specifically to update correspondence courses.

He has long been a supporter of the ANA.

If you want one, email Fanton at, or telephone (319) 294-4377.

Has this blog turned into an ad?

Yes, I admit it.

I will gladly offer this space to others who wish to celebrate 65 years as a collector with a new silver round.

It is a milestone worth commenting on and celebrating.

I also will offer this space to Fanton in two year's time if he wants it to mark 50 years as a coin dealer with another silver round.

That, too, is an anniversary worth celebrating.

Buzz blogger Dave Harper has twice won the Numismatic Literary Guild Award for Best Blog and is editor of the weekly newspaper "Numismatic News."

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