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What's in your wallet?

The 30th anniversary proof silver American Eagle will be offered for sale by the Mint Sept. 16.

Ordinarily, the proof silver Eagle offer is a big deal, a collector favorite.

This year’s added appeal is the coin will have edge lettering to denote the anniversary rather than the standard reeded edge.

After their behavior over various silver Eagle offers of the last five years, it is logical to expect a huge response from collectors.

But the timing of the offer, just eight days after the Centennial gold Standing Liberty quarter goes on sale Sept. 8, might impact it negatively.

Collectors went wild for the gold Mercury dime April 21. It sold out in less than an hour.

We can expect collectors to go wild for the gold Standing Liberty quarter unless the Mint sets an unseemly high maximum mintage figure.

Because the gold Standing Liberty quarter will tap hobby budgets for nearly $500 each, the odds are many collectors will feel financial pressure when the proof silver Eagle goes on sale the following week.

The question is how much pressure?

Will it be enough to curtail purchases of proof silver Eagles?

Last year’s proof silver Eagle sold to the tune of 699,623 pieces.

The 30th anniversary ordinarily should inspire collectors to buy more. Only if they are short of money will the final sales total of the special 2016 proof silver Eagle come in lower than last year’s routine issue.

That eight-day window might not be long enough to give collectors time to repair their finances.

With these two popular items offered so close together, we will get a sense of the state of collectors’ personal finances.

Buzz blogger Dave Harper has twice won the Numismatic Literary Guild Award for Best Blog and is editor of the weekly newspaper "Numismatic News."