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What will happen at Pittsburgh?

Market watchers will be looking to Pittsburgh this week to determine what if any impact the new third American Numismatic Association convention will have on the commercial calendar.

Called a National Money Show after the long-established one held in late winter or spring, the show is a bid by the ANA to stake out a position that the organization hopes will keep it relevant in the future.

What’s the magic of three shows? Though I never heard anyone say it, there are three Baltimore shows on the East Coast and three Long Beach shows on the West Coast and both of these have had their times in the numismatic sun.

The ANA hopes that by standing toe to toe with the other trios that it is a declaration that it is every bit as committed to holding coin shows as the commercial owners of the others.

Does the ANA need three shows to stay relevant?

There is no data to support this one way or the other, except to say that revenue from auction rights tied to conventions is a mainstay of ANA finance. One more show means one more official auction and a hoped for additional large check at the end of a successful sale.

Also, one more show is a declaration of growth. People naturally identify with things that are growing. What better way to make a bid for growth than to add a third ANA show?

I can’t answer that question today. Perhaps the results of this Oct. 13-15 event will provide the answer.

If you are planning on attending, say hello to George Cuhaj, who will be there for Krause Publications.

I will be viewing this event only from afar.


I like Pittsburgh.