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What will ANA bring?

Next week is the American Numismatic Association convention in the Chicago suburb of Rosemont, Ill. The ribbon will be cut just one week from now, Tuesday morning, Aug 13.

The pre-show event begins Saturday, Aug. 10, just four days hence.

The last time we were in Rosemont was just two short years ago. It was a big event. That can usually be said of any ANA convention, but in 2011 gold was hot and soaring toward $1,900. It was also the convention at which the board of governors decided to end the tenure of executive director Larry Shepherd.

The ramifications of both events are still reverberating among hobbyists.

Though gold is lower at $1,286.90, this morning when I checked the Kitco website, many people are still expecting a quick return to the happy days of the bullion uptrend. Business at ANA should indicate whether this is a reasonable expectation.

We have a new ANA executive director, but a lawsuit takes up ANA board time regarding Shepherd’s dismissal. Will we see any progress on that front? The public session of the board of governors session could be interesting.

In many ways, this year’s convention is an echo of the 2011 event. This one could not happen without the other.

That’s why I will be watching events closely.

There are routine but important happenings as well. The new ANA leadership, elected to two-year terms in June’s election, will be sworn in. I will be there to witness it and to congratulate them.

I am looking forward to seeing hobbyists I see just once a year. An ANA convention is a great place to do this. It will provide opportunities to catch up with people. If you are attending, come by the Krause Publications booth and say hello.

Thursday morning, Aug. 15, will be the Numismatic News Numismatic Ambassador breakfast for current holders of the award. Three new inductees will be given it.

It will be an honor for me to give the three their plaques and welcome them to this very special group of hobby volunteers and activists who have made numismatics what it is today.

Then there is the unexpected. Most conventions have some surprises. Let’s hope this year they will all be positive.

Buzz blogger Dave Harper is editor of the weekly newspaper "Numismatic News."