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What we do to avoid Frankfort

Our goal as the four Krause staffers mentioned yesterday in this blog flew to Germany was to avoid the Frankfort Airport. Last year we arrived there in the wee hours of the morning. It was such a rush through customs and passport control that we hoped to do better this year by not going there and having to worry about catching another flight in case we were delayed.

So this year, we left Appleton, Wis., yesterday and flew to Detroit. Then we boarded another plane for New York City. In New York, we boarded a direct flight for Berlin, avoiding Frankfort.

Tom Michael pointed out that there is a film festival taking place in Berlin this week. It offers Golden Bear Awards. The bear is the symbol of the city.

Last year a contact at the Royal Canadian Mint mentioned that his group dined at a restaurant at which George Clooney was also dining, because he was in town for the festival then.

I don’t expect to sight any Hollywood stars. Our itinerary this year in our first hours in Berlin is to make a couple of museum stops as long as we can stay awake.

Perhaps tomorrow I will be more fully awake and have more observations to share.