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What kind of shape are we in?

What condition is the numismatic hobby/industry in? Numismatic News staff is preparing a State of the Industry issue that will go into the mail in the middle of November.

It is important to obtain a wide variety of evaluations from the people on the ground: the collectors and dealers who make it all work.

I would like this blog to serve as a personal invitation to you to send me an e-mail with your assessment.

I have a list of questions you can choose from. You can answer any or all of them, or direct your comments to some issue that is not even mentioned.

In a way it is a free-for-all. Don’t hold back. The rest of us might discover that what’s on your mind should be our concern as well.

Here are the questions:

1. What were your successes in 2009?
2. Where do you expect to find your opportunities in 2010?
3. How do you expect the overall 2010 market to compare to 2009?
4. What would give you the biggest boost in 2010?
5. What is your biggest concern for 2010?
6. Has the hot bullion market helped or hurt you? Why?
7. Will your clients be in a buying mood in 2010?
8. What will your clients be most interested in buying in 2010?
9. What are the effects of tight credit?
10. What action can hobby papers take to give you a boost?

To personalize it, let us know how long you have been active in the hobby. E-mail a photo if you like. Photos always improve any presentation. If you only feel like writing a couple of lines, you can do that to.

E-mail me at Or post your comments here on the blog.

Thank you.