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What do you do without TV?

Writers for Hollywood movies and television are on strike. I do not know how long it will last. If it goes on for any length of time, it might provide a boost to the numismatic hobby.

After all, many people unwind at night watching television. If there is nothing new to be seen, they might find themselves restlessly looking for something else. Some of them might decide to expand their hobby interests.

Spending a late autumn evening safe and warm at home with Numismatic News, or a handy book on U.S. coins, world coins or paper money can be relaxing and profitable intellectually and financially.

Other people might just go out and shop. Even shopping can be a roundabout positive for the health of the hobby. If enough people go out and spend money, the economy will stay healthy. A healthy economy means that recent trends in the price of gold might just have much further to go.

Gold has soared through the $800 mark. It is knocking at the door of a new record. Can it make it to $850 or $875 to equal the highs of 1980?

What if $1,000 is around the corner? Some people think it will happen. It might. Bullion investors might have striking Hollywood writers to thank for some of their profits.

Who would have thought finding nothing on televison could be so stimulating?