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What are you thinking?

Online communications are a wonder. So much information gets passed back and forth each day it makes my head spin. I couldn’t do my job without this medium.

However, the tendency to abbreviate certainly can make some things less than clear.

I had an e-mail the other day that had “Online subscription” in the subject line.

The text of the e-mail was simply:


Was this an inquiry from someone who wanted to subscribe to something? If so, to what publication? Perhaps it is Numismatic News, since that is what I am usually associated with, but it could also be World Coin News, or Bank Note Reporter, or Coins magazine, or Coin Prices. Or was it to one of our several e-newsletters?

Sometimes e-mail writers don’t make distinctions, leaving me with questions and not answers.

Was the message a criticism?

Was it something on the order of: “I didn’t see a way to subscribe on your Web site. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.”

Hey, perhaps my mind isn’t agile enough for this form of communication.
So humor me, if you have a request, give me a little more to work with.