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Welcome to Community Voice!

As spring finally rolls to summer here in central Wisconsin, so much is new. All things brown have turned to green, the farm fields are freshly tilled and birds outside our office windows are busy making nests. This is one of my favorite times of the year. When everything is being made new in nature, it feels like everything can be made new in life.

liberty dollar

And things are new in our hobby. We’re all glued to gold and silver – what will the price be today? The new America the Beautiful bullion coins are out and gold proof eagles are available. We still await the appointment of a new mint director. Summer shows are right around the corner where we’ll gather to see old friends and work on our individual pursuits.

This buzz continues inside our office as well – the spirit of innovation is always present. We’ll soon be welcoming two new colleagues, we have a new sweepstakes in the works and we’ll also be meeting this Friday to discuss and map out the newest initiatives and products you’ll be seeing soon on shelves, in your mailbox and on our websites. We hope you’re as excited as we are to see what we can come up with next.

And finally, this is new! Welcome to the inaugural post of our new Community Voiceblog – a place where we hope you’ll enjoy coming to hear what’s new, share your thoughts with other collectors, get deals on our newest products and find a new place where you can interact with the people involved in your favorite hobby. Whether you’re old or new to numismatics, we plan on getting you involved and look forward to hearing your views and ideas.

So welcome! And we’ll get right into this week’s topic: Do you support Ron Paul’s bill H.R. 1098 which seeks to make it legal for individual states or others to issue their own silver and gold legal tender coins?

Imagine if we could all mint our own silver coins and buy groceries with them. What will be the ramifications for Bernard Von NotHaus and the Liberty Dollar? Could this ever work in the United States? Click here to visit the submission page to send us your feedback for this week’s topic.