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Wednesday morning health check

The cold and flu season is never any fun. With the arrival of the swine flu it has engendered a workday morning health checkup.

Who made it into work? Who didn’t? How does the workload get split up today?

Even more important: who came to work ill and should be avoided?

I can’t say that Krause Publications has had any significant outbreaks of illness – or at least any more than in a typical year. It’s just that the subject seems to be on everybody’s mind this year because of all the public warnings about staying home when you are ill, washing hands and getting inoculated with a vaccine that is basically not yet available.

I haven’t seen anyone wearing surgical masks around here.

Krause has already had the seasonal flu shots, so that should at least keep the usual flu varieties to lower activity levels.

I imagine this situation is playing out in workplaces all across America.

What happens next, I cannot say, except it is time to find out who made it into the office today, get Numismatic News laid out and hope subscribers have it handy to read if they have to stay at home for awhile.