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Wedding of William and Catherine subject of multiple coin issues

April 29th will be the wedding day of William Wales heir to the British throne and Catherine Middleton.

William has been a subject on coins for many years, many of which are associated with events of his mother, the late Princess Diana.

In his own right, he was on coins from several commonwealth countries honoring his 21st Birthday.

However, with his engagement last fall, several counties quickly issued engagementment commemoratives, and now with the spring wedding, many more are releasing wedding commemoratives.

Some of the countries with wedding commemoratives included (not an exhaustive list) Australia, Canada, Great Britian, Falkland Islands and the British India Ocean Territories. Several are issued in multiple metals, or with selective gilting.

I find great pagentry in the Royal events, and look forward to seeing some great images of uniform, vestments and carriages.

I was pleased to see that many of the coins look better than the quickly issued engagement issues, too!