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Webinar is not a duck

My firm invited me to do a webinar on Monday that the promotion department decided to call “Safe Coin Investing.”

There really is no such thing.

The very act of investing money means to put it at risk in hopes of making a profit. The size of the expected profit determines the level of risk.

A more accurate name would be “Safer Coin Investing.”

But who asks me?

There are intelligent things you can do once you have decided to make an investment to minimize risk and to use diversification.

Most coin collectors, especially those who began as kids, were making investment decisions before they knew what investing was. They just thought they were having fun.

They were active, engaged and learning all of the time. Those are good foundational traits for an investor to have also.

With more and more people taking an interest in gold and silver, they find their way into numismatics and are mystified by it.

The webinar should help demystify it.

Check it out, or sign up at: