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Way to go, U.S. Mint

Congratulations are in order for the United States Mint for its outstanding performance in the first round of the two-round Coin of the Year balloting by an international panel of judges.

The Mint won three category honors in a field of 10.

The George Washington Presidential dollar was voted the Most Popular Coin in the world.

The Jamestown commemorative silver dollar was named the Most Historically Significant coin of all the world’s coins in contention.

Another commemorative silver dollar, the one marking the 50th anniversary of the desegregation of Central High School in Little Rock, Ark., topped the Best Contemporary Event catergory. A contemporary event is something that occurred less than 100 years ago. Something older would be in the historical category.

Belarus came in with two category wins and Austria, British Virgin Islands, Denmark, Italy and Mongolia each won a category.

The second round of judging has begun and will conclude Jan. 12. This one will determine the Coin of the Year.

All coins in the competition are dated 2007 to assure the widest possible number of entries.

A People’s Choice Coin of the Year Award is also being given. Online voting started in November and will conclude Jan. 4.

Visit to vote. Look for the People’s Choice icon at the top right of the screen.