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Watch those 'S' words

While much of the rest of the hobby is thinking of one “S” word, silver, I am thinking another, “snow.”

We have been pretty well buried here in Iola and I have spent substantial time in the past 24 hours digging myself out.

Fortunately, yesterday was Presidents Day and I did not have to be at the office. I came anyway and checked e-mail and did a few other things before going home.

Silver this morning is $33.24 a troy ounce. I expect when things return to normal weatherwise, the fact that a large snowfall occurred as silver decided to get a little bit wild will help me remember this week.

That’s the funny thing about memory. By making connections from one thing to another, it helps me to remember both.

With oil going a little bit crazy due to the turmoil in the Libya and elsewhere in the Middle East, I wonder how high is up.

Early December 1998 was the last time gasoline was under $1 a gallon in Iola. I remember it because I was a little bit ill and wondering why I was filling the tank instead of just running home. The fact that gasoline rose the next day to over $1 made me glad I had stopped.

I remember gasoline at $3.159 a gallon in September 2005 in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I was on my way to the airport for a trip to Germany and seeing that price at a main intersection just shocked me.

You get the idea.

What will I be writing about silver five or six years hence?

Sixteen inches of snow equals $33 silver? Hmmm.