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Watch this space

Remember the old ad that said “Watch this space”? I do. It wasn’t particularly clever, but it apparently was effective enough to make people curious.

Watch Something is coming.

The staff here is winding up and getting ready to throw a pitch about our 55th anniversary.

The very first issue of Numismatic News was the Oct. 13, 1952, edition. Since that time, the paper has changed and grown along with the hobby. It grew fatter in good times, thinner in bad times, but always was a part of the hobby scene.

This involvement couldn’t have been achieved without the support of our readers. To keep them active and interested for five and a half decades is quite a record.

I have been personally involved with the paper both as a subscriber and as an employee for more than 38 years. I have seen a lot, but I clearly haven’t seen it all. The nearly 17 years that passed before I first encountered a copy were as rich and interesting as any years that have followed.

What hasn’t changed is that collectors want to collect. Anything that helps them along the way is considered a good thing. They ask what is it? What’s it worth? Where can it be purchased? Numismatic News has tried to answer those three questions ever and always as its basic approach to hobby news.

We have brought this philosophy online. The medium is much newer than paper and a printing press, but the quest to collect does not change. Answering the three basic questions is still the mission.

Watch this space. Something is indeed coming.