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When the U.S. Mint suspended sales of the “W” uncirculated American Eagle gold coins, it gave itself until Sept. 27 to reprice them and begin selling them again.

With prices moving as fast as they have been since the Sept. 13 sales suspension, it will be interesting to see how the Mint thinks in this regard.

I assume it won’t take my recommendation to let the prices fluctuate daily. A fixed price seems likely. How aggressively ahead will the Mint set the price?

Will it be $50 above market for the one-ounce coin or more or less?

If you want to know the Mint’s expectations for prices, this is the number to look at.

Its dilemma is that too high a price will curb sales. Too low a price will ensure that the sales suspension-repricing mechanism will have to be used again before next year’s coins become available.