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Wake up, it’s over

The results aren’t in yet, but any ballots not received by today’s deadline will not be counted in the biennial election to choose the leadership of the American Numismatic Association.

Battling for the presidency are Cliff Mishler and Patti Finner.

Both worked hard, but it was a campaign that was largely conducted under the average Numismatic News reader’s radar screen. Considering my e-mail in recent months, that is just the way many of my readers like it.

Most of the obvious activity consisted of personal politicking at shows and conventions around the country. Anyone not present was free to ignore the campaign.

The lack of controversy between the two contestants is to be commended. ANA member voters simply chose between the records of the two candidates.

As a newspaper editor, something to generate a headline or two might have been nice, but as an ANA life member, what I have seen is a campaign that didn’t rip open any new wounds in an organization that has been beleaguered by legal problems, unbalanced budgets and political infighting pretty routinely for the past 10 years.

Kudos to both.

Results are supposed to be announced next Friday, which is a holiday, so I won’t get around to it until Monday, July 6, and that leisurely approach probably matches the rest of the hobby’s attitude.