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Waiting more than 30 seconds

I came in this morning to discover our e-mail is not working at the moment. It is amazing how cut off I feel when I can’t see what has come my way since I turned off the desk lights last night after 5 o’clock.

To be sure, there is always some kind of spam message or messages. The senders are clever. No matter how the filters are adjusted, some still arrive at my inbox.

One the other hand, outages of this kind help create a sense of online fraternity because we all have been there, done that over recent years. The question simply becomes one of how long will I stay cut off?

There also seems to be a sort of Murphy’s Law corollary that when e-mail ceases to work, someone will have sent a message and demanded an urgent reply.

Certainly there are several things I was expecting to arrive overnight that I will have to simply wait for.

That is probably not a bad thing. I have written on the subject of patience before (waiting for the banking system to distribute new coinage comes immediately to mind), so I will suck it up and wait and call it a character building exercise.