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Waiting for lightning to strike

Do you think you will be successful when the Mint puts its 27,000 numismatic version of the 2010 America the Beautiful 5-ounce coin sets on sale?

I expect I won’t be.

I don’t intend to order one.

It is expensive. The bullion version has caused no end of problems among hobbyists and many feel cheated.

There were 33,000 of the bullion sets. They are still not all delivered. Some are likely to be not even be sold yet by the Authorized Purchasers.

Since the numismatic version has a lower mintage, I expect there will be quite a clamor for them.

Everybody will be watching the Mint for the least little misstep. That’s a given.

But when the time comes to actually attempt to place an order, I will be absent.

I don’t want to be frustrated, and most of all, I know I will not be buying two sets a year, bullion and numismatic, until 2021.

For me, it is better not to start.

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