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Wait 'til next year?

After every season, fans of defeated teams either think or say, “Just wait ’til next year."

I was thinking about that as the Minnesota Twins went down to defeat at the hands of the New York Yankees in three straight games. It was not pretty for Twins fans.

The Yankees are a powerful team. This is true not only this year but over many years. It might be said that they have dominated the American League since the time of Babe Ruth.

I will allow my colleagues in the sports department to fill in the details of this dominance if they so choose.

The U.S. dollar is something like the Yankees. It has been on top in the world for a similar length of time despite the best efforts of other countries to knock it from its pedestal.

Why would other countries want that?

You might as well ask why fans of teams other than the Yankees root for them. It’s simply who they are.

In the years the Yankees don’t win, there is always the chortling of the team’s detractors. They enjoy it. And they should. It doesn’t happen often enough for the fans of other teams.

Those rooting against the dollar are having their season now just as they did in 1968 when President of France Charles De Gaulle led a run on the greenback. The demise of the U.S. currency was foretold.

Rooting against the dollar had another season in the late 1970s and again in the early 1990s.

The question now is as it was in those other periods: has the dollar simply lost the current round of playoff games?

The other fans are rightfully reveling in their victories this season, but next year will come.