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‘W’ unc. silver Eagles coming soon

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The ?W? mintmark uncirculated silver American Eagles that helped boost the U.S. Mint?s numismatic sales in late 2006 are expected to be released in 2007-W form shortly.

Earlier this year, the Mint provided a June 13 tentative release date but the date was not confirmed as of press time.
The product was not listed as an option on the Mint?s online sales Web site at

No new price information was available as of press time, either. The 2006-W uncirculated silver Eagle was priced at $19.95.

Two weeks ago Numismatic News reported that prices of proof and uncirculated platinum Eagles were up over last year. Market values of both platinum and silver metal have gone up in the past year.

This is the second year that the Mint has offered uncirculated silver Eagles directly to the public.

Previously, all uncirculated silver Eagles were sold via distributors who buy large quantities from the Mint and resell to retail dealers. Examples without the ?W? mintmark are still sold this way, the same being true for gold and platinum uncirculated Eagles without the ?W? mintmark.