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Veterans should be honored now

Today the nation honors its veterans.

Perhaps the Mint will sell a few more Veterans Disabled for Life silver dollars today as a consequence. I hope so.

Hobbyists have always eagerly collected veteran-related coin themes, but I guess that depends on how I would define “eagerly.” Some themes clearly resonated more strongly than others.

You see this in the varying mintages.

The World War II theme in the 1990s outsold the Vietnam War theme, but today the consequence of that is the Vietnam coins are more highly valued because of their greater scarcity.

Interestingly, the Civil War theme outsold World War II.

There seems to be a pattern here. Do the sales numbers go up as a function of having no living memory of a conflict?

That would be sad if it is true.

Collectors have served in the armed forces. They have family members who have done so or who are doing so now. This service and the memories of it should be honored today and all days. We should not leave it to collectors of the 22nd century to decide that something that was done in our lifetime was worthy of commemoration.

It is worthy here and now.