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Veteran commem bill passes House

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A bill to require the Secretary of the Treasury to mint silver dollars in commemoration of veterans who became disabled for life while serving in the Armed Forces of the United States passed the House of Representatives May 15. After initially being on the unanimous consent calendar, H.R. 634 went up for a vote and passed with no opposition.

The bill now heads for the Senate where several other coin measures are pending. Approval by both the Senate and House plus the signature of the President are required for the bill to become law.

 The legislation says a silver dollar should be issued. ?The surcharge proceeds from the sale of a commemorative coin would raise valuable funding for the construction of the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial.?

Specifications call for a traditional 90 percent silver dollar coin in quantities not exceeding 350,000 pieces. The year of issue, if approved, will be 2010. Designs are required to be ?emblematic of the design selected by the Disabled Veterans? LIFE Memorial Foundation for the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial.?