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Two sets of Valentine’s Day elongated coins are being offered from Brad and Kay Ream of Banyas Barnesyarde.
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Two sets of Valentine’s Day elongated coins are being offered from Brad and Kay Ream of Banyas Barnesyarde.


They were not able to complete the dies for a 2009 set in time for last year’s holiday, so they are offering the complete set now.

There are three cent designs: “Dreaming of You Valentine,” “Dance With Me Valentine” (done in reverse so the “secret message” is revealed when the piece is held up to a mirror) and a kitten in a bow tie with “Be My Valentine.”

The nickel design features a bear dressed for winter with ”Happy Valentine’s Day.” The dime design is a large heart with “Love” in it. This design will also be rolled on cents. The quarter design says “Be Mine” with hearts below and a large heart with “Hugs & Kisses for Valentine’s Day 2009.” The half dollar features a mouse juggling hearts and the words “Loving You Has Made Me Bananas.”

All eight elongateds are dated 2009.

The Valentine’s Day 2010 set also contains eight elongated coins. The three cent designs feature Cupid over a “Happy Valentine’s Day” heart with “Be Mine” above, a heart with hands and feet saying “Happy Valentine’s Day,” and two dancing children under a Valentine’s Day banner.

The nickel displays hearts and a large heart with “Be My Valentine” and flowers in the center. The dime design, which is also rolled on a cent, has a little girl holding an “I Love You” heart. On the quarter are three intertwined hearts with the sayings “My Valentine” and “Be Mine.” The half dollar design features a bunch of roses surrounded by hearts with letters in them spelling out “Valentine’s Day.”

All are dated 2010. The set costs $13.

In honor of the Chinese New Year falling on the same day as Valentine’s Day, the Reams have produced four Year of the Tiger designs. On both a cent and dime is a tiger facing away with “Chinese New Year” and “Tiger.” A stylized tiger is featured on the nickel, and a Chinese dragon is featured on the quarter. The half dollar has us looking a tiger in the face and displays “Chinese New Year 2010” and “Year of the Tiger.”

This set of five costs $10.

All prices include postage. The sets will be available for the rest of the year.

For more information, to place an order or to request a custom job, write Banyas Barnesyarde, 4919 S. Catlin Road, Rockville, IN 47872 or send an e-mail to

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