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Vacation or phone call?

It is summer. Have you taken a vacation yet? Many people do this time of year.

Staff members here at Krause Publications have been slipping away at their convenience. Some have not done so yet, either preferring to take time off in late summer or in some other season.

I took a telephone call for a member of the catalog staff last week who had left for some well-earned rest and relaxation.

The caller identified himself to me as Mr. _. That usually spells trouble.

He inquired whether I knew where the staff member was and if I could give him his phone number.

As it happens, I knew where my colleague had gone (it was hundreds of miles away), but I did not have his telephone number. That is probably fortunate for him.

The caller did not leave a message with me. He did not leave a phone number at which a return call could be placed today.

In short, it was a dead end for both of us.

What is all this leading to?

Well, if y0u happen to telephone us this time of year and are unable to connect with the individual you are trying to reach, leave a message. If the person is unreachable, there is usually a good reason. Besides vacations, he or she might be in the dentist's chair at the moment of your call, or at an important meeting with the boss.

Whatever the reason for the inability to reach someone here by telephone, leave a message. It will be responded to at the earliest opportunity.