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Update to Singapore on Numismaster!

Many times, contibutors feel I should be more on top of things than I am. Their letters and emails are harsh and anoying to read.

However, every once and a while, a long time supproter understands things, and Stephen Eccles is one of those. He recently compared our listings of Singapore with his own collection and sent in a quite helpful three page listing of corrections.

The corrections were by KM number, and included updates on weights, descriptions, diameter, mint marks and a few other fields of date.

The listing were direct. The informaiton I needed. They did not include sniping comments about the work, or personal intelligence.

They were a pleasure to work into numismaster, and will appear on line tomorrow, and in future books for years to come.

Stephen has also been helpful with supplying coins for illustration!

Thanks Mr. Eccles for your kindness and continued support!