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Two new silver dollars coming

After posting my blog Friday morning, I had the day off and so went off and performed some autumn seasonal chores.

When I left, Congress was wrestling with the financial bailout package that has more zeroes on it than most of us can easily comprehend.

Returning to the office this morning, I see from a report filed by David L. Ganz that Congress worked on matters other than the bailout, too.

Two commemorative bills from the House of Representatatives were taken up and passed by the Senate. A likely presidential signature means that we have new commemoratives to think about.

Boy Scouts will be honored with a silver dollar in 2010, a little more than one year away.

In 2012, the American Infantry gets its turn in the commemorative coin limelight. A silver dollar will honor the infantry, the oldest and largest branch of the U.S. Army. It was founded in 1775 at a time it was called the Continental Army and when led by Gen. George Washington, won American independence from Great Britain.