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Two kinds of waiting

I am a few minutes late this morning in posting my blog because when I signed onto my computer, the usual fonts that I use had gone missing.

After opening three documents just in case one or two had been corrupted, I decided to reboot. Fortunately, this got me going again. My wait to get up and functioning was brief.

Computer problems are a fact of life. This one I am happy to say was easily remedied.

I have started receiving e-mails from readers who ordered the Ultra High Relief Saint-Gaudens gold $20.

When we reported last week that there could be delays of up to nine months for delivery, I had been contacted by those who had placed orders and had gotten e-mail confirmation of a Feb. 6 delivery. Naturally, they asked what was all this about delay.

Well, now I am getting another batch of e-mails from these same collectors who have told me that they have seen the delivery date pushed back to Feb. 20 and wanted me to be aware of this.

I appreciate this reader input. We will all see how the deliveries go.

Bob Van Ryzin, my Coins Magazine editor colleague, says he has been confirmed, pushed back and then confirmed again at an earlier date. I hope he gets his coin quickly because I am as anxious to see it as I know other readers are.

I have an idea of what it will be like, because I saw the display of the coins at the Mint booth last year at the American Numismatic Association convention. However, there is nothing like being able to hold something at my own desk so I can look at it in my own way.

That waiting and the joy of eventually acquiring a coin is a happy part of collecting. Waiting for a computer is an entirely different sort of experience.