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Two eras, one place, same outcome?

I made my plans to attend the American Numismatic Association National Money Show this past Friday. It will be held March 17-19 in Sacramento, Calif.

The ANA had reported that the host hotel is already booked. That got me motivated to finish my arrangements. Even though I won’t be staying at the host hotel, the fact that it is booked early is a good sign for the convention. The last National Money Show there was a great one.

When I checked the date of the prior event, I nearly fell on the floor. It was 12 years ago in 1999. I was there. It seems like yesterday. Surely it couldn’t be a dozen years in the past already?

What I remember about the prior event is the long lines of people who waited patiently to get in. There was no problem then. It was just a crowd, something we seem to be seeing less of these days.

Will we see a crowd again? I hope so. Collectors are still collectors and the ANA event still is something to see.

There are head winds, of course. The California economy is not doing as well as it was in 1999.

The ANA also now charges admission, which it did not do in 1999.

Will either factor make a difference?

They could.

Also, bullion was not booming in 1999. In fact, if anyone had stocked up on American Eagles at that show, they would be sitting pretty now, but then, as you know, all the investment focus was on the stocks.

There. That’s my stroll down memory lane. I hope I will see you there.