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Turkey or coins? What's your choice?

What do you do on Thanksgiving weekend? Eat turkey? Watch football? Visit family? All of the above? One thing I’ll bet you rarely do is work.

Coin collectors in Michigan attend the Michigan State Numismatic Society show in Dearborn, beginning the day after Thanksgiving and running through Sunday. This year the dates are Nov. 28-30.

It is a remarkable event. I have been there twice in 30 years. I am glad I have seen the show, but as I told MSNS secretary-treasurer Joe LeBlanc, when I interviewed him for Coin Chat Radio this week, I am even more glad that I haven’t seen any more of them. After all, I like my Thanksgiving’s at home better.

Naturally, I asked him how his organization could make a success of the show on such a counterintuitive schedule.

Listen to his answer starting tomorrow morning at 11 a.m. Central Time at

Fortunately for me, our former company president, Cliff Mishler, is from Michigan. He made the show a family event. He is usually accompanied by his son-in-law, Randy Thern, and sometimes grandkids.

Mishler does what he enjoys and it has given the rest of the Numismatic News staff a break to enjoy their own holiday traditions.

Thanks, Cliff. And good luck again this year, MSNS.