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Triple Play Coin Hits France, Spain & Philippines

One more from Stack's sale Features Bouvet Designs

One of the oddest and most unusual pieces I've seen in quite a while is crossing the auction block in the Stack's Coin Galleries sale of July 18th. The coin is a mule of two pattern obverses from two different countries. The obverse displays the typical portrait of Napoleon III by Bouvet, while the revers, or should I say other obverse, is graced with a Bouvet design of a younger Isabel II.

Cataloging of the original coins from which these mules are derived ties this piece to three countries: France, Spain and the Spanish colonial issues of the Philippines. A wonderful item for the right collector and well worth it's large estimate of $7500-$10,000. The starting bid is set at $4500 though, so there may be a nice opportunity for the interested collector of these crossed fields to pick up a most unusual addition to their 19th Century monarchs, one which might in fact be unique.