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Triple Feature - Employee, Vinny & In-Laws

Tom's Recommended Film's of the Week

Employee of the Month - My Cousin Vinny & The In-Laws

The Summer months are usually a very busy time for me, what with regular stuff, like lawn mowing and laundry, blog posting and market research, plus the addition of special projects like garage painting and kids camps, infrequently produced catalogs and car show book sales. This particular summer has proven a challenge, both at home and work. Needless to say, I have less time in the summer for movie watching and my weekly Film of the Week postings suffer because of this.

In fact, you may have noticed that I have gotten pretty lax in recommending films each week. I've missed several and for this I apologize and offer this consolation prize.

For whatever reason I find that when I am pressured for time, I tend to watch quick comedies. Maybe it's good for reducing my stress levels and letting my mind relax. At any rate, it's what I do, so as consolation for having missed some weeks of recommendations and to help you all relieve your own summer stress, this week I am recommending three recently viewed, light and entertaining comedies.

First up is Employee of the Month, the Dane Cook vehicle which pokes a little fun at the big super stores, like Sam's Club and Walmart. I like Cook's comedies, but some are way to vulgar to recommend to my broad spectrum of readers without multiple caviates. Employee of the Month, however, is much more light hearted and mainstream, with basic themes of personal developement, corporate goofyness and loyalties to friendships. The cast, featuring Andy Dick, Tim Bagley, Efren Ramirez (of Vote For Pedro fame) and Marc Mouchet among many others, is wonderful and the writing is great.

Next in line is My Cousin Vinny, which pits North vs. South, City vs. Country and authority vs. youth, in a most pleasantly unique film. Joe Pesci enjoys the funniest role of his career outside of the Home Alone films and is supported by a stellar cast including Marisa Tomei and Fred Gwynne. Pick it up, put it in the player and let the story unfold naturally. It's sure to get you laughing.

Last is The In-Laws, the Michael Douglas - Albert Brooks remake of a classic story of pre-wedding day jitters and mishaps. I like the original, but this one gets even more extreme in a Meet the Parents kind of way. It's a great ride and full of action and savy comedy. Brooks is wonderful and Douglas displays great comic timing, but Ryan Reynolds is the pro in the background who cracks me up with just a look, like the KC and the Sunshine Band happy face just before his finacee drops the bomb.

So lighten-up, watch one or all of these movies and have some fun this summer between your own special projects and commitments. You deserve a break!