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Too many proof gold American Eagles?

Yesterday marked the end of the second week of availability for the 2010 proof gold American Eagle coins.

None of the sales options has reached a sellout level. Will any of them ever get there?

The one with the best chance of doing so is the one-ounce coin, which reached at last report a sales level of 19,195 coins out of a possible 25,000.

I expect that these buyers were the most eager. They have ponied up over $30 million to purchase these coins.

How many other buyers will join them? That is the question.

With 5,805 to go, it will take more than $9 million more to acquire them.

That’s a lot of money to take out of the hobby, but it isn’t just hobbyists who are doing the buying. Retirement plans are also participating in the action.

The decline in the price of gold of the last few days probably doesn’t inspire the fence sitters to jump into the purchasing fray.

So what is the bottom line?

Well, even if it takes another two weeks or a month to do it, the ounce will likely post a sold out sign.

The other options might never reach that point. There are still 81 percent of the half ounce coins available, as well as 78 percent of the quarter ounce, 68 percent of the tenth ounce and 74 percent of the four-coin sets.

Those figures mean there is still a lot of supply.

If you are one of the fence sitters, what will it take to get you to make a purchase of the proof gold American Eagles?