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Time to vote for People's Choice Award

If you have ever wondered how certain coins win numismatic awards, now is your chance to participate in the selection of the People’s Choice Award, which will be given Feb. 4, 2012, in Berlin, Germany, at the World Money Fair.

The award is part of the Coin of the Year Award family sponsored by World Coin News, a sister paper to Numismatic News, and it is the only one that gives collectors from around the world the opportunity to cast their ballots.

The nations and themes in the field of 20 coins dated 2010 under consideration are many and varied.

Take a look at them and see what you think.

The American Boy Scout commemorative silver dollar, which sold out rapidly when it was offered in early 2010, is one of the contenders. But does commercial success necessarily lead to a People’s Choice Award? Not if the past is any guide.

Some of the coins under consideration are absolute knockouts. The only problem is that no two collectors seem to agree as to which ones are which.

I know which one I like. Find one that you like and let’s see who the winner is after voting concludes Jan. 8.