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Time to take a close look at platinum

Bullion prices have weakened since last month. If you are interested in collecting platinum Eagles, this might be a good time to dip a toe into the water. Prices for most issues haven’t been this cheap in years. Avoid paying the Mint’s premium for the latest issues and you can probably pick them up more cheaply down the road – that is, if the price of platinum doesn’t skyrocket again. That is always a possibility. Strikes in South African mines, Russia withholding supply, or automobile manufacturing needing more all play a role in determining platinum’s price. The only certainty are the prices you can get today.


Gold and silver are weaker. Gold has not lost its gains from 2017. Silver nearly has. Bucking the trend to lower silver Eagle bullion coin prices are the 1999, 2000 and 2001 pieces. Buyers treat these almost as if they are commemoratives marking the change of century. The 1999 is priced at $55 this month, while the 2000 and 2001 are $65 each. This reflects the selective buying that is going on throughout the coin market. What this boils down to is if you see something you like, negotiate, negotiate, negotiate for a lower price. All the potential seller can do is say no.

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