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Time to hit the road

Memory is a funny thing. I am heading for the airport this morning to fly out to Colorado Springs, Colo., to cover a board meeting of the board of governors of the American Numismatic Association.

Am I thinking of whether the board will go forward with plans for a West Coast museum in a portion of the Old San Francisco Mint? Yes, but ...

Am I thinking about the fate of executive director Christopher Cipoletti, who has been on paid administrative leave since the convention in August? Yes, but ...

Am I thinking about whether the ANA will go forward with its bylaws review and revision process? Yes, but ...

So what is so funny about that? It all seems pretty ordinary.

Well, since I began shaving this morning I keep thinking of a former employee who hasn’t worked here in 22 years and is no longer living.

Bill Pettit often used to sing Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again” when he traveled. He particularly liked travel by motor vehicle and hearty breakfasts or lunches at Bob Evans.

He was an interesting traveling companion because he was a font of stories both from history and from his experiences in numismatics. I always seemed to learn something.

I wasn’t looking to turn down hearty meals, either.

Starting this blog, I also began to think about Joel Edler, our retired ad manager and also former Coin Market editor.

Whenever we would cross the Mississippi, usually near St. Louis and Memphis, he would sing “Ol’ Man River.” His voice is much more memorable than Bill Pettit’s, but that doesn’t happen to be the song spinning through my mind today.

At some point, my mind will turn to something else and I will report back to you.