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Time to go already?

Did I do anything other than work while I was in Costa Rica? Sure. I relaxed.

I got up when I felt like it and not when an alarm called me to a new day. I ate leisurely breakfasts and drank wonderful Costa Rican coffee.

I even kept my eye on CNBC. Even on vacation I like to follow the financial news.

There was sunshine in the morning. That felt good. It would feel better in January, but I had other reasons to be here this month.

In my spare moments I finished a book about Robert E. Lee. It is based on his letters. It was somewhat difficult to read because I have been busy since I bought it in July and have absorbed it in snippets. Also, it is not in chronological order exactly. It skips around a bit.

I didn’t know he was an engineer who tried to modify the flow of the Mississippi around St. Louis to prevent the port from silting up. I didn’t know he was commandant at West Point and built the stables for cavalry there.

I have a little time left to do other things, though the thought of my Sunday departure is already looming in my thinking.

Costa Rica is a great country to visit. Time here goes by too quickly, but I have to be back in the office Monday morning.