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Time to browse on the ANA bourse

I might be on my way to Portland as you read this – or maybe not – for the American Numismatic Association National Money Show.

March weather in Wisconsin makes life exciting.

This show is the smaller of the two annual events sponsored by the ANA. The bourse list looks like it has a good representation of national dealers, so collectors who attend will have the opportunity to take in many interesting coins on the bourse.

Using the word “bourse,” I am reminded that in my almost half century as a collector that I have heard a few individuals who are unfamiliar with the word call it the “browse floor.”

Hey, that works for me. Part of the fun of attending any show is browsing among the coins in the glass-topped dealer cases. That makes it a browse floor as well as a bourse floor.

My primary purpose in Portland will be to cover the ANA board meeting and the candidate forum. The board needs to adopt a budget. Executive Director Larry Shepherd let out some good news last week when he reported that the budget excluding lawsuit costs is in surplus thanks to some stiff cost controls.

He is to be commended. He has also already reminded me of the pessimism I expressed in my annual forecasts that I made in my Class of ’63 column in late January.

I told him I would be delighted to eat crow for a good ANA outcome.
Now we’ll see – at least we will if I get there.