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Time to get busy and find great coin buys

 (Image courtesy Heritage Auctions)

(Image courtesy Heritage Auctions)

Looking for good deals? Get busy. Now is the time for smart buying. Much of the coin market is doing nothing value-wise, or is in decline. The question is, why? We are in July. This is the annual period of the summer doldrums. This slow period is logical, since people take vacations and participate in outside activities.

Even the stock market often takes a break in the summer. Both the business of coins and financial markets appear to come alive about the time of the autumnal equinox. This year, the equity markets are continuing their upward move uninterrupted. At the same time, the precious metals slump.

This downward move in the spot price of gold and silver impact many collector coins, both due to their intrinsic value and by the fact this discourages investors from participating in the market.

Right now, upper-end Peace dollars are declining in value. There is some weakness in the classic commemorative coin series, 1892-1954.

Morgan silver dollars continue to be the focus of many active collectors, although dealer bids for top-condition Carson City issues show signs of weakness. If these interest you, it is time to negotiate.

Areas of strength include Capped Bust half dollars, better condition half cents and all large cents. Buyers should examine these.

Proof and mint sets remain quiet. All bullion issues, including American Eagles, lag. I might be a broken record, but this continues to be a great buying opportunity, not only within the areas of weakness, but in the areas of intense interest as well.

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