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Three Weeks to World Money Fair

Visiting the World Money Fair in Berlin


New calendar year, fresh start to a new numismatic season! So where will I begin? At the World Money Fairin Berlin!

I'll be attending the World Money Fairin Berlin again this year, with my co-workers; Dave Harper - Editor of Numismatic Newsand Coin of the Year Director, Lisa Bellavin - Online editor and COTY coordinator and Scott Tappa Numismatic Publisher. We all attended the WMF last year with great success and are excited to be returning.

The annual World Money Fairis without a doubt the best combination trade fair and retail show that numismatics has to offer. Their Media Forum clues you in to the full array of new issue coins plannedfor that years release, their coin dealer bourse offers a wide selection of modern issues to classic coins, plus books, medals and fantasy issues, their associated auctions - this yearby Fritz Rudolf Kunker, offer classic rarities and their Mint and Mint supply booths are fabulous and extensive.

If you can be in Berlinthe first week in February, please stop byour F + W Media - Krause Publications boothfor a chat, or catch me on the bourse floor for a quick visit.