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Three-coin Bald Eagle proof set sales end

There hasn

There hasn?t been a spike in orders for Monroe dollar bags by collectors thinking they might find some coins struck on quarter planchets, but reader Marty Krysiak reported that when he received his 2008-P $250 bag, it had been opened and resewn shut, so the Mint was double checking. He said he could see the holes from where it had been sewn shut the first time.

The three-coin Bald Eagle proof set went off sale, but that is no surprise seeing the order total exceeds the maximum.

February bullion Eagle deliveries of gold kept up right until the end of the month. Those numbers are at right. The March sales figures started strong. Some 525,000 silver Eagles were sold as well as 1,000 one-ounce gold and 3,000 half-ounce gold Eagles. March platinum saw delivery of 600 half-ounce coins.

The 2008 proof gold Eagle numbers should debut next week. The only 2007 proof platinum Eagle being sold is the tenth ounce.