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Thoughts scatter on return to office

My return trip from Colorado Springs, Colo., yesterday was uneventful and on time. I got back to Iola about 8:30 last night. Considering the headlines about airlines in newspapers lately, I feel fortunate.

The sunny weather of Colorado has given way for me to the gloom and rain of Iola. The office is kind of empty. Our antiques group has borrowed numismatic personnel to help staff our Atlantique City show out in New Jersey. The misspelling of “Atlantic” is a deliberate play on “antique.”

I also had the usual pile of snail mail waiting for me. The clock ticks even when I am not here. E-mail I have not yet even glanced at. The blog comes first.

I see the Mint has made progress. The uncirculated “W” Gold American Eagle coins are back on sale with new and higher prices. The one-ounce piece is $831.95, a premium of almost $75 to current gold bullion value.

The proof gold American Eagles and the uncirculated “W” platinum American Eagles remain off sale.

Today I will focus on pricing of another kind as the Coin Market section gets ready to go to press tomorrow. The 40-page monthly section will be bound into the Nov. 6 issue of Numismatic News, which goes to press a week from today. Harry Miller is staying busy keeping up with the changing prices.

After that comes the holiday gift guide section. Yes, the holidays are coming. It doesn’t seem possible.