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Thought about First Spouse?

Have you noticed that Martin Van Buren First Spouse half-ounce gold coins are on sale? You can be forgiven if in the midst of the Thanksgiving holiday preparation that you missed it.

This is not intended to be a slam at the Mint. It is simply an observation about the calendar, which gets awfully crowded with family and social obligations of the season at this time of year.

The coin is the fourth this year and the eighth in the series. Price is the same as for other recent issues. It is $549.95 for the proof, which usually outsells the uncirculated nowadays as we are beyond the sellout excitement generated by the first three issues. The uncirculated is priced at $524.95.

The Dolley Madison issue was recently taken off sale, but the four for the year 2008 are all still available.

The Madison is the first issue to go off sale without achieving a sellout. The proof sales total is 18,355 and the uncirculated sales total is 12,541. That is about 9,000 short of the total possible combined maximum of 40,000. Sales numbers for the succeeding issues so far are lower.

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