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This isn't Belgium, but it's Tuesday

The calendar says it is Friday, but my Numismatic News deadline says it is Tuesday. Because the day we normally go to press is Christmas Day, this week’s issue goes out two days early.

And this is not just an ordinary issue. It is the Florida United Numismatists convention issue. That makes it one of the biggest of the year and it usually is a size that rivals the one that goes to the summer American Numismatic Association convention.

This year’s FUN convention will be a good one. It always is. The question each year rests on just how good. The climate usually assures a pleasant beginning. Seeing all the players in numismatics makes it important. What these players choose to do Jan. 8-11 will set the business tone for the opening weeks of 2009.

Can we continue to buck the general economic gloom that is enveloping the world, or will the coin hobby roll over, too?

Certainly the opportunity to set new records will be present. Heritage is calling the auction. It looks like it has the potential to be another gangbusters event.

More coins will be offered from the Queller Family collection. This time it is patterns. If David and Howard Queller are attending, say hello. They clearly love being part of the hobby. I met them in April when their 1804 silver dollar was on the block. To say it was a memorable experience is an understatement.

Just after the sale, David remarked that his knees were still shaking when I talked to him for Coin Chat Radio.

My knees are kind of shaking, too, because as I wrote at the beginning, for me it is Tuesday. I better get back at it.