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They can't mean that, can they?

When you ask a stupid question, you know what happens.

When Numismatic News went to press with the Aug. 26 issue, it featured a story on Page 4 about protesters in Denver hoping to levitate the Denver Mint during the last week of August.

I thought it was funny. I thought it a good idea to ask in our weekly poll question whether the protesters would levitate the mint.

Well, 36 percent said yes.

That might worry me if I thought the repondents were serious. I am assuming they thought the topic was just as silly as I did and were giving me as much of a silly answer as I was asking a silly question.

The written responses that followed up in the Sept. 2 issue were sparse. Usually we get so many answers we cannot run them all in the space we have. That was not the case with this poll question.

Just in case you missed the news, the protesters did not succeed in levitating the mint.

If my theory on this poll question is incorrect, then we are all in trouble.