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There is no plan, Stan

Do I plan my blogs?

The short answer is that I do not.

I just go where the current of the hobby river seems to take me. Sometimes I resist the current and say so.

Gold has been a much covered topic in the past couple of years here, but I cannot be all gold all the time as investment advisory letters have the option of doing.

I have been interested in gold since Charles de Gaulle tried to run the dollar by demanding gold payment in 1968. It redounded against the French president when he was forced to devalue the French franc.

I remember paying $7 each for British sovereigns. Wow, I must be old.

In short, for me, gold is an eternally interesting topic. It is timely almost any time and it is sure to generate good reader interest as long as it is part of a variety of topics over the course of my week and month.

This week it was hard to miss the timely nature of the precious metal.

However, at this moment, that’s enough. I have no idea what I am going to write on Monday.