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The Visitor

Tom's Recommended Film of the Week


The Visitor

The Visitoris far and away the best film I have watched in the last few weeks. It's a small, quiet film, with big heart. Well written, good production values, fine acting, with a passionate story.

In it's basic form, The Visitortells that tale of Walter, a man who has closed himself off and through a series of odd events is drawn back into the world. It's the trip that holds the viewers interest, not the destination.

All of the main four actors put in Oscar worthy performancesin The Visitor; Richard Jenkinsas Walter - a professor in third world studies, Haaz Sleimanas Tarek - a musician from Syria, Danai Jekesai Guriraas Zainab - a craft artist from Senegal and Hiam Abbassas Mouna - Tarek's Mother.

Though provoking, subtle, emotional and eye opening - The Visitordelivers an excellent viewing experience.