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The 21/21 Campaign for Brooklyn Tech, Reach with me...

Okay, perhaps some of you thought it humorous when in my last posting I wrote about being in NYC recently for various charitable works.

The real event was the activities focused around the Brooklyn Tech Foundatation, an organization on which I served on the board of, and was a officer in prior to 1994 and my relocation to the midwest. I remain active as their archivist. As such, I write articles for the newsletters, collect information and put together a display of school artifacts - photos and stuff in the school's 3rd floor gallery for the homecoming weekend visitors.

However, this year, we in the foundation lead off the weekend with the anouncement of the 21/21 Campaign for Brooklyn Tech - to raise 21 million dollars for the 21st century!

Tech alumni took the lead ten years ago when we raised 14 million on a 10 million dollar goal during the school's 75th anniversary. Now it is time to do more!

Sustaining Excellence is the theme, and the three goals for the campaign will focus on Curriculum and Facilities Enhancement, Faculty Support and Developemnt and a Tranformational Learning Experience for the students.

It is a very unique situation for the alumni of a public high school to show such unwavering support for their school, but the school was a special experience for most of the students who have attended, and remains a special place for the current students.

Just in case you wanted some stats: the school "plant" is 8 floors taking up a half city block, the current building built in 1930-1933 totals 660,000 square feet. The auditorium has 3,022 seats. Over 100 class rooms and labs. Current student body is just over 4,000.