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Tenth-ounce unc. 'W' platinum Eagle sells out

Sporadic leaps seen in this week's numbers.

As of Nov. 30, the one-tenth-ounce uncirculated platinum American Eagle with ?W? mintmark was considered sold out by the U.S. Mint.

Last known sales figure, as seen in the table at right, is from Nov. 20, when it stood at 1,745.

Sporadic leaps seen in this week's numbers

A few jumps are seen in the numbers this week, particularly in the 2006-W uncirculated Eagles. The platinum ounce almost doubles up, while strong advances are seen for some other options.

Reader James Nelson warns speculators in the 20th anniversary three-coin silver Eagle sets that major grading services he has contacted only give the 20th anniversary set designation if the sets reach them in sealed Mint shipping packages. If the packaging has been opened, some won?t give the anniversary set designation at all while others will give the set designation to the reverse proofs but not the proofs and uncs.

The San Francisco Old Mint silver dollars are up 7,419 over last week, 5,676 proofs and 1,743 uncs. The $5 golds are up 1,647, split into 1,240 proofs and 407 uncs. Is this a little boost due to the impending end-of-sales date? Dec. 15 is not far off. We?ll be watching to see how the numbers move when reports are available that include bulk orders.

What do you think of the 2007 fractional gold Buffaloes news? Who knows where we?ll find space to keep tabs on all those numbers!