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Taking a crack at it

Yesterday’s webinar on “Safe Coin Investing” is now history.

I probably learned more than the many participants.

I was particularly pleased to receive a large number of emailed questions both prior to the online seminar and during it.

The number of inquiries was so large, I had to pick and choose. Fortunately, a number of questions sent in were similar, so it is my hope that the other individuals will be satisfied with the answers I gave.

An hour is both too long and not enough time. Hearing my own voice for such a prolonged period is rather disconcerting and makes it seem too long. I have spent a career thinking and writing. That combination means I tend to think through my fingers. When my mind moves, I want to move my hands and yet I could not for fear of doing something accidentally distracting.

On the other hand, considering material I have available on the topic and the many questions I did not have time to answer, the hour was too short.

Then there was the water issue. I forgot to bring some. Debbie Bradley had to leave the booth and get some for me.

My voice was cracking as I was attempting to crack open the door to webinar presentation. I guess as long as I don’t crack up, it can be accorded a success.

Wisecracks are now invited.